About Sayara Tech

An emerging Saudi technology company specialized in servicing your car wherever it is in front of the house or in front of the workplace. We work to help individuals and companies maintenance and cleaning of their cars using modern technology (with just a push of a button).
We have our own team trained in the ability to solve emergency car problems while you are practicing your usual day routine; Which helps to save your time, effort and the most important part absolutely saving your money.

Our Services

Features of the Syarah-Tech platform

Why do you need long waiting hours in car workshops? We shorten it for you and save you

Our services are available to individuals and the business sector

Your car provides maintenance services to individuals and the business sector that owns a fleet of cars need permanent maintenance


We provide car wash and maintenance services to individuals through the application. website or through customer service.

Business sector

We provide services tailored to the company’s needs, including all car maintenance services, in addition to receiving cars, assessing their damage, repairing them, and re-delivering them to the customer.


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our success partners; We are glad that you are one of them
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